Provider of full stack web development resources since 2008, Surfsoft Consulting Ltd is the company of freelance IT Consultant Phil Haigh.

Phil combines over two decades of software engineering experience at all levels and all areas of the software development lifecycle with solid hands-on administration skills to provide high-quality consultancy and development services.

Java, Scala, and Grails

I have over twelve years of working with Java and, more recently, Grails and Scala in agile environments. I am a keen advocate of TDD and XP practices, having seen the benefits firsthand.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Expectations today are that a back end developer can build full stack application without breaking sweat. Most of my work in the last three years has involved HTML5, JavaScript and AJAX.


DevOps and Monitoring

With the current rising interest in DevOps my experience with Hudson, Jenkins, Puppet and Nagios allows me to help automate the build, test, deployment and monitoring of applications.